Team leaders Aviad and Moti and Varda have 14 years of experience in the SMB market and information systems.

This knowledge is based on direct contact with about 1000 graduates of IT systems implementation and programming courses as well as with hundreds of projects for developing, implementing and assimilating information systems in various SMB organizations.

Aviad Pentzak: CTO & CO-Founder at Click-BI technologies Ltd & In Line Information Systems, Senior programmer and Information systems Specialist.

In 2005, Aviad established the training courses for ERP system implementers and planners at In Line College, while developing and implementing ERP systems in hundreds of organizations.

As of 2012, Aviad has led the development of Click-BI, innovative and unique software for SMB companies, and has implemented the software in dozens of customer.

Moti Erez: Entrepreneur, Owner of In Line College (1987), which trains about 1,000 students a year and CEO and CO -Founder of Click-BI technologies Ltd & In Line Information Systems Ltd.

Our Main Team


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Our vision

Our vision is to simplify BI applications and make them accessible to the huge market of SMB companies in the world, just like the Wix and Word Press Web revolution, which enabled many designers to build sites quickly and easily without any prior knowledge of programming.

 Click-BI is a revolutionary tool that enables managers to control business operations from anywhere and from any device, without the need for BI experts and at low costs that are suitable for any business.