Click-BI Smart

Dashboards and smart reports are ideal for management and control

Financial reports

Comparative loss and profit report

Is your business profitable? How many times have you wanted to know that and did not get an answer? Today it is much simpler: you can view and overview your sales and expenses data at any given moment. Now you can compare this year’s data with that of previous years, and learn about your business’ tendencies.

Comparative trial balance

Do you want to base your knowledge in your business on data rather than on feelings? In this report you can view all of your business’ financial data and compare it to previous years. You can view your business’ profitability across time

Loss and profit predictions

Is it important to you to know what the future profitability will look like? Combined with sales and actual expenses data, you can view in one place the future sales (clients’ orders) and expenses (purchase orders) data and view their progress.

Loss and profit predictions

Can I afford to pay salaries this month? How is my cash flow? What debt should I collect to increase the amount of available money? These questions bother any company manager. The standard accounting data holds all the answers. In this report you can view the daily / weekly / monthly flows and analyze them. You can view which specific debts (client or supplier) should be collected earlier or postponed in order to improve the cash flows.

Sales & Marketing

Sales cube (based on tax invoices)

You want to raise the price of a certain product or to a specific client? Do you feel a decrease in a specific population and want to know if this is a tendency? The sales cube allows you to analyze your sales from every possible angle (agents, branches, product families, customers, customers’ parameters, product parameters, etc.). In addition you can see the changes throughout time, and easily recognize the trends (increases/decreases) in a very intuitive manner.

Orders cube

You want to know what is left in the pool? What is the future orders accumulation? These questions bother the business owner. The future orders accumulation influences the stability of the business and predicts its future. This report will show you the given. Combined with the active sales data you can predict your future sales situation.

Customers that have yet to purchase, and products that have not been sold

Do you want to easily locate the clients and products that are “not moving”? Every business has “abandoned” clients, those clients who purchased in the past but have ceased to do so. It is wise to discover this in time, and solve the problem. The same goes for products in stock that have stopped selling. You can schedule this report to run every week / fortnight / month, and receive notification on the exceptions instead of finding out about them when it's too late

Clients' status Manager!

Know your clients thoroughly! This report helps you familiarize yourself with your clients. The report presents each client’s debt situation, their payment history, sales, opened orders and number of sale cycles.


Purchase invoices cube

The reports which will allow you to make sure you are a wise buyer! This report will show you purchase cycles from every supplier on any product from every possible angle. In addition, this report will feature sales data on each item for every period of time so you can see the sales of the purchases you made, and receive new insights on a “wiser” purchasing approach. The report allows you to show the price development for each item / supplier for a period of time.

Slow stocks analysis

Do you have dead stocks? Slow stocks? This report will simply improve your profitability! In every business handling stocks there are dead stocks not “moving”; the wise thing to do is recognize this in real time and provide an answer. In some cases the dead stocks have been identified, but a moment too late, and that is “money thrown away”. This report will allow you to identify slow stocks in the various warehouses, view their financial values, who purchased them in the past, thus helping you to provide better answers and improve profitability

Analysis of stocks and deliveries for a period of time

You want to check your stocks versus sales and purchases? This report is a necessity for every operations manager! The report will show you the shortage / spares of every item for any given time. From that point you can see the purchase / customer orders and stocks for every item and better understand the supply planning versus future purchases and stocks.

Delays in customer and purchase orders

Are you supplying your customers on time? Would you like to know exactly how precise are you? This report allows you to view how well you comply with your customers’ required dates. The report presents the average latency of every client / supplier’s purchase order.