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Let’s increase your range of capabilities

Click-BI Technologies Ltd. invites you to join Click-BI Partners, an affiliate program that will enable you to offer the Click-BI system to your clientele, benefit from the increase in your range of services and significantly increase your revenues

The Click-BI Partners Program gives you …

  • Use smart BI software for your customers for a reasonable monthly fee
  • A simple, easy and fast BI tool for quick and accurate analysis of the large amount of information available in each organization
  • A cloud product with a connection to the information systems within a few minutes.
  • Advanced and smart management reports created easily and quickly, directly from databases.

The resources we invest in you as a partner will give you a significant advantage over your competitors. The partnership with Click-BI Technologies will enable you to offer your customers additional services and provide the best value for them. The Click-BI Partner Program brings significant benefits, providing you with resources and helping you build and grow your business, because your success is our  success

We want you to succeed

  • Click-BI Technologies consultants will work closely with you to help identify opportunities and leverage the right resources, to achieve the goals of the Partnership.
  • As partners, you will receive sales tools and activities to help you increase your sales.
  • Training and technical support for using Click-BI software.

BI Professionals

We invite you to utilize the innovative and groundbreaking development  by being one of our business partners – a guaranteed reward.

  • Innovative and breakthrough technology that allows skipping the ETL phase required in existing BI systems for the first time.
  • Click-BI allows all BI professionals to access raw data for their existing BI systems quickly and easily.
  • Click-BI opens doors for many SMB companies that are not structured to invest in long, exhausting integration processes in BI processes.

ERP/CRM Implementers

Get the perfect BI tool for your clients – BI without programming or coding – which is simple and easy to use.

Are you running from client to client to get another project? Now you can be one of our business partners and enjoy a fixed monthly income that will ensure you financial stability. 

We offer you a great opportunity to connect with us and provide a BI solution for your existing customers with a simple, easy and convenient tool.

Business Consultants

Business & Financial consultants: get advanced self service BI tools and save hundreds of work hours analyzing raw data in Excel.

Click-BI allows you to analyze the data of the organizations with which you work; you can build your own reports and dashboards that accurately display the results of each organization’s business.

Click-BI is a unique BI tool that enables leapfrogging in raw data analysis by using dashboards and management reports with a clear graphical display, which support decision-makers by helping them make informed and up-to-date business decisions. 

We offer you a great opportunity to join us and use our advanced BI tools for you and your clients by becoming our business partner and enjoying a steady monthly income.

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